What is SEEMIK?

SEEMIK is Research Group for Sustainability, Environmental Education and Communication Skills.

We are an interdisciplinary research group at Tallinn University combining specialists in ecology, education, psychology, digital technologies and communication. Our focus is to investigate and improve environmental education and communication, whether in form of citizen science, educational innovations, improving the competences of teachers or communication skills of researchers. Our research interests include studying environmental misconceptions and the process of conceptual change in communication and education. We have experience in studying water ecosystems and applying gamification to environmental education.

We have expertise in:

Ecology, including water ecosystems, ecosystem services, and global sustainability. People: Jaanus Terasmaa, Liisa Puusepp, Mihkel Kangur

Education psychology and education science, including competences of teachers, outdoor learning, use of digital innovations and learning games in education, and education psychology with a focus on environmental misconceptions and the process of conceptual change. People: Grete Arro, Elina Malleus, Triinu Jesmin, Terje Väljataga

Communication, including methods of communication research, science communication in theory and practice, and training the communication skills of researchers. People: Esta Kaal, Arko Olesk.