Transdisciplinary methodology for Integrated Design in higher education (High 5) (2019-2021)Erasmus + Strategic Partnership (KA2)The goal of High5 project is to create a new methodology - Integrated Design that is based on already existing methods and approaches. Integrated Design combines valuable areas such as problem-solving methodologies (Design Thinking and Problem Based Learning), sustainable development, circular economy, innovation thinking and entrepreneurial skills.
Developing environmental awareness through citizen science projects (2020)
Environmental Investment Centre (KIK)The aim of the project is to develop additional functionalities for Avastusrada to initiate and implement citizen science projects.
Design Thinking for Sustainability (DT4S) (2019-2021)Erasmus + Strategic Partnership (KA2)Today’s young generation will be challenged in their lifetime to introduce solutions to a significant range of challenges related to sustainable practices in everyday life and in business towards improving human lives in the present and into the future. The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) identify as some of these challenges. DT4S aims to build awareness, basic knowledge, positive attitudes, problem solving skills, collaboration ability, and ability to synthesize innovative solutions among secondary education students aged 12-16 for preparing them to actively engage in sustainable development practices.
QUEST (Quality and Efficiency in Science and Technology Communication (2019-2021)Horizon 2020The project investigates the dynamics of today’s science communication, designs a framework to evaluate quality of science communication and proposes innovative ways for science communication. Climate change is one of the focus topics in the project.
A pilot study and training for educators (2019-2020)Environmental Investment Centre (KIK)Cooperation between formal and non-formal education institutions and universities to prepare educational programs and monitor their quality
Starting an interdisciplinary research group for developing non-formal sustainability education and conducting a pilot study. (2019-2020)Tallinn UniversityCooperation between different specialists in Tallinn University related to environmental education. Supporting partnership with Finnish colleagues at universities and nature centres.
Developing digital assessment tools for learning to learn competence and communication competence in upper elementary schoolEstonian Ministry of Education and ScienceThe goal of the project is to describe possibilities to assess different general competencies using web tests in upper elementary schools. Web tests are created for learning to learn competence that includes problem solving tasks related to global warming issues.
Handbook for non-formal science educators basing on GAIA theory (2020)The Estonian Research Council Handbook for non-formal science educators based on GAIA theory.
Preparation of manuscript for handbook for non-formal science educators basing on GAIA theory
Higher education re-engineering through active learning for growth (HERA) (2019-2021)Erasmus + Strategic Partnership (KA2)HERA aims to develop higher education student skills aligned with the needs of the world of work and society. HERA introduces active learning interventions that help build the foundations of engineering knowledge as well as critical, analytical, entrepreneurial mindsets and the capacity of young engineers to work across borders and fields. HERA framework will expose students to project-based approaches deployed in industry, thus preparing them for what they will be exposed as young professionals upon graduation.
WaterAct “Joint actions for more efficient management of common groundwater Resources” (2020-2022)Interreg ESTLATOne of the objectives is to increase the overall awareness of locals on groundwater protection by initiation of spring voluntary monitoring. For that we will use citizen science concept and develop a web-based application which allows us to collect, organise and see information about spring locations and water properties.